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The Department of Radiation Oncology is where state-of-the-art radiation technology meets personalized care and compassion.

Our Mission

The mission of our department is three-fold:

  1. Deliver a radiation oncology care plan individualized to each patient’s specific cancer and personal needs
  2. Discover and improve understanding, foster collaboration, and ultimately contribute to improving personalized clinical care
  3. Devise educational programs that fit the individual needs of the learner and will create professionals who see each patient as a unique person

Compassionate Devotion

Our doctors, physicists, and researchers have devoted their lives to better understanding cancer and its treatment. Noted for groundbreaking research by our internationally recognized team, we deliver state-of-the art care to patients with all types and all stages of cancer. We are the only National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer center in North Texas and one of only 57 NCI-designated comprehensive care centers in the nation. As such, we are held to the highest of standards and are recognized for excellence in clinical care, as well as scientific research and leadership. In addition, we are one of the largest practices in the Southwest. Our department, at a glance.

Subspecialty Expertise

Unlike many other facilities, our radiation oncologists each have a subspecialty in treating a particular type of cancer, so that the doctors who treat breast cancer are not the same as those who treat brain or prostate cancer. Combining this in-depth expertise with the powerful technology at our facilities, our physicians are enabled to provide superior care to patients. Read the latest issue of our department publication, The Target.

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