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Veterinary Research and Oncology Clinic

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Welcome to the Veterinary Research and Oncology Clinic


The Veterinary Research and Oncology Clinic's mission is to conduct clinical trials in canine and feline patients afflicted with cancer and other conditions, thereby advancing therapeutic outcomes in both human and veterinary medicine.

What is the Veterinary Research and Oncology Clinic?

The Veterinary Research and Oncology Clinic’s philosophy is built upon the fundamental principle that human and animal health are interconnected. As such, our clinic is dedicated to conducting parallel therapeutic testing of drugs and devices in humans and veterinary subjects with the aim of uniting and expediting the progress of medical advancements in both domains.

Through the perspective of the Veterinary Research and Oncology Clinic, we envision a future in which breakthroughs in human and veterinary medicine will progress hand in hand, nurturing a harmonious world where therapies are more inclusive, advanced, and effective — ultimately benefiting society as a whole.

Our Commitment

  • Clinical trials: The Veterinary Research and Oncology Clinic conducts clinical trials in companion animal patients, especially those with cancer, with a particular focus on employing radiation and therapeutic ultrasound with various drug agents. Leveraging a collaborative approach, we utilized innovative smart-trial based designs to enhance treatment outcome in patients.
  • Ethical approach to clinical trials: We are committed to ethical clinical trials, ensuring the welfare of our animal participants while aiming to benefit society as a whole.
  • Translational research: We facilitate translational research, by advancing the knowledge from our companion animal trials to foster swift and substantial contributions to the advancement of human medicine, and vice versa.