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Patient Care

Pediatric Hospital faculty care for inpatients at Children’s Health℠, the primary pediatric clinical partner. As the largest tertiary medical center for pediatric patients in North Texas, Children’s Medical Center Dallas draws patients from North and East Texas, Southern Oklahoma, and Northern Louisiana who are admitted to the general pediatrics floor.

There are two types of services staffed during the year at the Dallas campus. The first relies on 24-hour, 7 days a week, on-site attending coverage. The second resembles a prototypical teaching service with several levels of learners, from third-year medical students to third-year pediatric residents. Children's Medical Center Plano coverage is based on a 24/7 on-site attending model.

Since patient census varies seasonally, the number of hospitalist services changes throughout the year. The number of services covered can vary based on seasonal demand for general inpatient beds. During peak season, this can exceed 120 patients across 12 service lines at Dallas and Plano.

Faculty encounter a wide range of medical conditions with varying complexity and provide the highest quality of care for patients through evidence-based practice and patient-centered care while ensuring optimal care transition. Hospitalists also function as primary attending physicians for several specialty inpatient services with specialists functioning as consultants. These include neurology, rheumatology, immunology, metabolic disorders, orthopaedics (infections), oncology, and endocrinology patients at Plano, as well as patients with pulmonary and ENT services at Dallas. In addition, hospitalists provide general pediatric consultation for all specialty services at Dallas and Plano.