Stipend and Benefit Information

Stipends are paid according to National Institutes of Health Training Grant Guidelines, which during the past several years have allowed for substantial increments. Stipends for the 2020–2021 fellows are as follows:

Program YearStipend
PGY 4 $72,154
PGY 5 $75,041
PGY 6 $78,071

Health Benefits

As UT Southwestern employees, fellows will be provided health care benefits, which include medical, dental, and vision plans based on their need for coverage of themselves and eligible family members.

Leave Policy

Fellows are allowed two weeks of paid vacation per year of fellowship training. Additional leave (e.g., pregnancy, illness, family issues) is at the discretion of the Program Director; however, trainees must complete 33 months of training during the course of three years. When leave is in excess of three months, the trainee will be required by ACGME guidelines to extend the training period in order to complete 33 months of training

“Compensatory time” is earned for fellows required to work on University holidays and may be used for additional paid leave.

The timing of vacations is at the discretion of the Program Director and will be determined in conjunction with the trainee’s requests.

Fellows are to give a minimum of six weeks’ notice for vacation requests if the days requested include a clinic day. Fellows are also expected to ensure that faculty members for the rotation scheduled during their vacation are aware that the fellow will be away. Final approval of vacation requests is at the discretion of the program director.

Other Benefits

The program provides support for the purchase of several standard textbooks, journal subscriptions, membership dues in major professional societies, and computer software. Attendance at and participation in scientific professional meetings is an important part of the educational experience. Registration fees and travel expenses are covered for one meeting per year of fellowship.

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Policies and Procedures

Policies and procedures for sick leave, pregnancy leave, misconduct, substance abuse, etc., are consistent with policies existing for all employees and trainees at UT Southwestern Medical School and Children’s Healthâ„ .

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