Responsible Conduct of Research Education Overview

NIH Policy related to Training in the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR):

NIH Policy identifies nine broad instructional areas of importance to the responsible conduct of research:

  1. Conflict of interest – personal, professional, and financial
  2. Policies regarding human subjects, live vertebrate animal subjects in research, and safe laboratory practices
  3. Mentor/mentee responsibilities and relationships
  4. Collaborative research including collaborations with industry
  5. Peer review
  6. Data acquisition and laboratory tools; management, sharing, and ownership
  7. Research misconduct and policies for handling misconduct
  8. Responsible authorship and publication
  9. The scientist as a responsible member of society, contemporary ethical issues in biomedical research, and the environmental and societal impacts of scientific research

Any student or trainee funded by the NIH is required to receive training in RCR.