Clinical Science MS Degree Plan

Individuals who complete the program will earn a Master of Science in Clinical Science degree. See detailed course descriptions and degree plan requirements. This program is only open to residents, postdoctoral fellows, and junior faculty at UT Southwestern Medical Center and its partnering institutions.

Didactic Curriculum: 21 hours
Socratic Curriculum: Active participation and regular attendance at seminars, lectures, grand rounds, and visiting professorships.
Research Practicum: 15 hours
Degree Plan: 36 credit hours (required)


Total Program Hours

Summer | 1 Credit Hour 
Fall | 6 Credit Hours 
Spring | 7 Credit Hours 
Summer | 1 Credit Hour 
Electives* | 0-5 Credit Hours 
Spring | 4 Credit Hours 
Summer | 0 Credit Hours 
Fall | 6 Credit Hours 
Spring | 2 Credit Hours 
*Advanced Coursework – ElectivesCredit Hours
Developing & Commercializing Biomedical Research 2
Ethics in Clinical Research 1
Biostatistics II 3
Clinical Research from Proposal to Implementation 1
Epidemiology for the Clinical Investigator 3
Developing and Validating Measures 2
Clinical Pharmacology and Drug Development 2
Intro to Patient-Centered Outcomes Research and Comparative Effectiveness Research 2
Advanced Clinical Research Design and Analysis 1
Mechanisms of Drug Action 3
Quantitative Analysis of High Content/High Complexity Data Sets 1.5
Preparing a Journal Report (Scientific Writing Workshop) 1
Independent Study 1–3