How to Apply

Applicants to the Master of Clinical Science degree program must contact the Education and Career Development staff and complete the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences online application by February 1 (be sure to apply for summer semester admission).

Application Requirements

  • Fulfill all requirements for admission to UT Southwestern Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences.
  • Be currently enrolled at UTSW Medical School, in year two or three.
  • A career development plan (1,000 words or less; single-spaced, 0.5 inch margins): Include current area(s) of research interest, current areas of clinical/translational investigation, a proposed training plan including information about additional training, what you hope to gain from the mentor experience, what courses you think will be the most beneficial to your success, and career goals.
  • A personal statement answering the following questions (500 words or less; single-spaced, 0.5 inch margins):
    • How did you arrive at this place in your career?
    • A career in clinical/translational research is challenging, with many opportunities and frustrations. Why are you attracted to this career?
  • A description of a potential research project you would like to work on or are thinking about. (500 words or less; single-spaced, 0.5 inch margins)
  • Submit a copy of your current CV with this application, using the standardized UT Southwestern Promotion & Tenure format, which can be found on this shared drive: W:\PUB\SMSDEAN\Promotion & Tenure or by contacting Amy Mackenroth, M.A..
  • Submit the following letters of recommendation by email (addresses are to the right of this page):
    • Two letters of reference from persons who know your professional or academic qualifications: your mentor should NOT be included on this list.
    • A letter from your Scientific Mentor, agreeing to support your research education and documenting your commitment to a career in clinical/translational research.