Training, Degree, and Certificate Programs

Enrollment Update

New enrollment in all programs but the Basic Certificate is suspended at this time. The programs are transitioning to the School of Health Professions in order to offer these programs in an environment which already supports clinical research via the Applied Clinical Research doctoral program.

These programs in clinical and translational science provide rigorous training in the skills and competencies necessary to plan, conduct, and interpret superior clinical and translational research. Our programs provide a comprehensive, individualized, team-science based education in the principles and methods of research and in the skills and strategies required for the development of successful academic careers through a didactic and Socratic curriculum. 

All degree and certificate programs are offered through the UT Southwestern Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. Program applicants must meet the eligibility and admission requirements of the Graduate School and the Center for Translational Medicine.

Postdoctoral Programs

  • Clinical & Translational Research Scholars Program: This two-year track is designed for clinical research fellows and junior faculty who are on track to obtain extramural grant funding and show great promise toward becoming independently funded investigators.
  • Master of Science in Clinical Science: Designed for clinical research fellows and junior faculty, the Master of Science in Clinical Science is a two-year track for training in clinical/translational research. 
  • Graduate Certificate in Clinical Science: The Graduate Certificate track involves basic training in clinical/translational research for clinical research fellows and junior faculty.

Predoctoral Programs

  • Basic Clinical Science Certificate: A single year certificate, typically for medical students, in clinical research.
  • Mechanisms of Disease and Translational Science Track (MoDTS): This is an enrichment program overlaid on all Division of Basic Science Graduate Programs. The MoDTS Program is supported by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Med into Grad Initiative and the State of Texas Innovative Graduate Program Initiative.