Career Resources

Internal Grant Application Review Committee

It is highly recommended that trainees submit a complete K, R, other NIH, or foundation grant application to the Internal Grant Application Review Committee, which is comprised of clinical and translational scientists. The Committee will critically evaluate the application’s merit based on criteria similar in rigor to that used for the NIH peer-review process.

After examining the grant, the Committee will meet with the trainee to provide criticisms and suggestions for revision and modification of all elements of the grant application. These include the research plan, compliance with federal policies, rules and guidelines for clinical research, timelines and budget request, etc. The scientific mentor is required to be present at this meeting. For more information, contact: Amy Mackenroth.

More information is available in the Committee Requirements and Tips PDF.

Individual Career Planning and Advisement

These are one-on-one meetings with senior program faculty to help trainees develop an individualized career plan including personal objectives, career goals, and timelines for achieving milestones. The intent is to develop a formal plan for the trainee to follow to become an independent clinical investigator, capable of leading a multidisciplinary research team and competing effectively for peer-reviewed funding.