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Trial Innovation Network

UT Southwestern is a CTSA Hub, and investigators have access to the resources of the Trial Innovation Network. The Trial Innovation Network seeks to address critical roadblocks in clinical trials and accelerate the translation of novel interventions into life-saving therapies. Investigators at UTSW have access to consultations (for projects not yet funded) and services (for projects already funded). To request a consultation or service, contact Kate Wilkinson, M.S. (

What is the Trial Innovation Network?

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The Trial Innovation Network is a collaborative national network that focuses on operational innovation, operational excellence, and collaboration and will leverage the expertise and resources of the CTSA Program. The Trial Innovation Network will feature a single IRB system, master contracting agreements, quality by design approaches, and a focus on evidence-based strategies to recruitment and patient engagement. The goal of the Trial Innovation Network is to not only execute trials better, faster, and more cost-efficiently but, importantly, to be a national laboratory to study, understand, and innovate the process of conducting clinical trials.

Key Components

  • Trial Innovation Network Central IRB System (uses the SMART IRB Authorization Agreement) – Flexible and efficient IRB review for multicenter studies. Johns Hopkins University, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, and University of Utah serve as the reviewing IRBs for the Trial Innovation Network.
  • Standard Agreements System
  • Streamlined protocols – TIC and RIC collaboration to develop optimized, streamlined protocols. Will use NIH-FDA Protocol Template.
  • Harmonized IT tools and approaches (e.g., tools for recruitment using the electronic health record)
  • Systematic approaches to engagement, recruitment, and retention. Data-driven recruitment strategies
  • Recruitment Innovation Center focused on innovative and evidence-based approaches to participant recruitment, retention, and engagement
  • Tools and services to enhance participant recruitment and retention

Tools and Resources

Trial Innovation Network Proposal Process

  • Investigators at CTSA Hubs can request consultations and services for multi-center clinical trials and studies. For more information, contact the UTSW TIN liaison (

Recruitment and Retention Toolkit

  • Topics include trial compensation, study websites, social media and digital recruitment, community engagement, and more.
  • Free resources submitted by CTSA Hubs across the country on best practices and innovative ways to increase research participant recruitment and retention. Also includes resources for recruitment of special populations and community engagement.

Collaboration Webinars

  • Teams share expertise, methods, and/or best practices to improve the way trials are conducted in these 45-minute sessions with 15-minute Q&As. Topics include recruitment, e-consent, collaboration, community, central IRB, online screening, return of value, and more.