Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, School of Pharmacy

The Dallas/Fort Worth branches of the Texas Tech School of Pharmacy are located at the North Texas Veterans Affairs Hospital in Dallas and immediately adjacent to UT Southwestern Medical Center. The 9,300-square-foot facility adjacent to UT Southwestern affords faculty and students access to UT Southwestern, Parkland Hospital, and Children’s Medical Center Dallas.

Many SOP faculty have joint appointments at UT Southwestern within the Department of Clinical Sciences (DCS) and teach the courses offered by the DCS and supported by the Center for Translational Medicine.

Richard Leff, Pharm.D., directs the Pediatric Pharmacology Research & Development Center at Children’s Medical Center and participates in teaching the course in Clinical Pharmacology for the Center for Translational Medicine. Dr. Leff also serves as Director of the GLP facility on the UT Southwestern campus.