IRB Review Types

The research can be reviewed depending on the nature of the research. Federal regulations divide human subject research into three categories based upon risk to subjects:

The UT Southwestern Human Research Protection Program also conducts reviews or offers assistance with the following:


Levels of IRB Review

 Non-Regulated Research


  • Quality Improvement
  • Quality Assurance
  • Health Surveillance
  • Program Evaluation

Non-Regulated Research Request Form

Research Not Involving Humans


  • Deceased subject research
  • Leftover, de-identified specimens
  • Commercial cell lines
  • Data/specimens from a repository (received de-identified) 

Non-Human Request Form

HRPPO Staff Review Only



  • Comparing two educational methods
  • Observation of public behavior
  • Retrospective chart review & NOT recording identifying information
  • Anonymous survey of adults

Designated IRB Reviewers



  • Prospective clinical data & specimens
  • Non-invasive means & procedures
  • Survey of children
  • Retrospective chart review & recording of identifying information

IRB Committee Review

(Full Board)


  • Greater than minimal risk research
  • Clinical trials
  • Any research use of: radiation, anesthesia, or invasive procedures

No IRB Review Required

Performance Site Approval is required

For Review by HRPP, download the appropriate form (above) and email completed forms.

   IRB Review AND

Site Approval Required