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About the Human Research Protection Program Office (HRPPO)

The UT Southwestern Medical Center Human Research Protection Program is responsible for ensuring that all human-subject research conducted by faculty, staff, or students for UTSW is conducted ethically and in compliance with federal regulations and policies that promote ethical research in human subjects according to the Federalwide Assurance on file with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Human Research Protection.

Seal of Full Accreditation from the Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs, Inc.

All human-subject research conducted by UT Southwestern faculty, staff, or students on behalf of UT Southwestern must be reviewed by the HRPPO. The following responsibilities are within the scope of the HRPPO:

  • IRB Review – Research reviewed by one of four UT Southwestern IRBs or by a UTSW IRB Expedited Reviewer
  • Reliance Review – Research reviewed by a non-UT Southwestern IRB will undergo an abbreviated review
  • Training –The HRPPO offers both required and optional training opportunities in a multitude of formats.
  • Quality Assurance – The HRPPO QA Program works closely with the Education, Compliance, and Privacy Programs at UTSW and its affiliates to identify educational opportunities, implement best practices, and institute systemic improvement.

The UTSW IRB routinely reviews and approves research involving human subjects that is conducted at UT Southwestern and/or several affiliated partner hospitals. UTSW has standing partnerships with Children’s Healthâ„ , Parkland Health & Hospital System, Texas Health Resources, and Texas Scottish Rite Hospital


The HRPPO monitors the submission volume and turnaround times routinely. See the most current HRPPO metrics.


Enhancing Transparency of Study Activation - Greenlight scheduled for December 10, 2019

Great news!  In an effort to enhance transparency, the Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) along with the Office of Clinical Trial Management (OCTM), Clinical Research Services (CRS) and Academic Information Systems (AIS) are rolling out “Greenlight” for new studies approved on or after December 10, 2019. 

Greenlight is a new interface between Velos and eIRB that increases transparency (in a single system) of the status of required approvals for the activation of new research studies. Using a dashboard in eIRB, you will now be able to track approvals necessary to activate a study at the University of Texas Southwestern (UTSW) and its affiliates*.

The dashboard will be visible in eIRB throughout the life of the study and will update as each approval is granted. Necessary approvals for study activation include IRB Approval, Coverage Analysis, Clinical Trial Agreement execution and at least one Performance Site Approval. You will also find the status of ancillary committee approvals (SHUR, PRMC, etc.) necessary for IRB Approval on this dashboard. When all required approvals have been granted, an activation letter (including stamped consent forms) will be sent to the Principal Investigator and the study status will change to “Activated” in eIRB.

We are excited to offer this modification as a first step in enhancing transparency of the required steps for activation of research at UT Southwestern Medical Center and affiliates. If you have questions about these changes or how they may impact your research, please contact (HRPP Director), or (HRPP Associate Director).

Refer to the Greenlight tip sheet for more information.

*Note: Greenlight is only applicable to research conducted at UT Southwestern, Children’s Medical Center and Parkland. There are plans to expand Greenlight to other Performance Sites.

The Revised Common Rule became effective January 21, 2019

Please view the January 15, 2019 Research Matters to hear important information about the changes. Including:

1. New Informed Consent requirements

2. New/revised Exemption categories

3. Elimination of Consent Waivers for screening

4. Elimination of Continuing Review for minimal risk studies

5. Required reliance on single IRB for cooperative research (effective January 2020)

AAHRPP Accreditation Application


The Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs, Inc., (AAHRPP) is an independent accrediting body that works to protect the rights and welfare of research participants and promote scientifically meritorious and ethically sound research by fostering and advancing the ethical and professional conduct of persons and organizations that engage in research with human participants. AAHRPP achieves its mission by using an accreditation process based on self-assessment, peer review, and education.

Benefits of Accreditation

By obtaining AAHRPP accreditation, UT Southwestern will become part of an elite group of institutions internationally renowned for promoting exceptional ethical and professional standards in the conduct of human subjects’ research. In working toward accreditation, UTSW HRPPO implemented a number of improvements to the Human Research Protection Program including the development of the HRPP Policies and Procedures, improved electronic IRB system to minimize redundancy, revised checklists for IRB members to improve consistency, and increased education to the Research Community involved in human subjects’ research.

Timeline for Accreditation

See below for the outline of the accreditation process and where we are in the process:

1. Conduct Self Evaluation Complete!

2. Prepare and submit Step 1 Application July 13, 2018 Complete!

3. Step 1 review Complete!

4. Prepare and submit Step 2 Application and schedule on-site evaluation Complete

5. Site Visit – On-site evaluation by AAHRPP scheduled April 29-May 1, 2019 Complete

6. Provide responses to site visit by June 7, 2019 Complete!

7. Final Site Visit Report is reviewed by the AAHRPP Council Complete

8. Full Accreditation Awarded by AAHRPP June 17, 2019

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Research Matters Lecture Series

The Research Matters lectures is presented by the Human Research Protection Program Office (HRPPO) at UT Southwestern Medical Center.

See upcoming events, and view past sessions and slides.

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