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We are a dedicated team of professionals who partner with the research community to facilitate quality human research in a way that protects the rights, safety, and welfare of study participants and complies with ethical and legal standards for the conduct of science.

Human Research Protection Program (HRPP)

Rhonda Oilepo, M.S., CIP
Director, HRPP
Phone: 214-648-6417
Joshua Fedewa, M.S., CIP
Associate Director, HRPP
Phone: 214-648-5486

Full Board Team

Erik Soliz, B.S., CIP
Research Program Manager - Full Board 
Phone: 214-648-0232
Kimberly Hawkins, B.A., CIP
Senior IRB Coordinator
Phone: 214-648-3378
Christelle (Yvette) King, CIM
Senior IRB Coordinator
Phone: 214-648-2137
Deborah Cobb, B.A.
IRB Coordinator - Board 1
Phone: 214-648-5061
Allison Griffin, M.S.
IRB Coordinator - Board 2
Phone: 214-648-3278
Victoria Hunt, M.P.H.
IRB Coordinator - Board 3
Phone: 214-648-9547
Jahdai Dawes, B.S.
IRB Coordinator - Board 4  
Phone: 214-648-8430

Expedited & Exempt Team

Charles Akers, B.S.
Research Program Manager - Expedited
Phone: 214-648-3750
Erica Howard, M.S.
Senior Regulatory Associate
Phone: 214-648-9646
Eriko Iwatate, M.P.H., M.A.
Senior Regulatory Associate
Phone: 214-648-3680
Kela Lewis, M.B.A.
Senior Regulatory Associate
Phone: 214-648-5056
Jeffrey Wilson, B.S.
Senior Regulatory Associate
Phone: 214-648-9057
Reema Patel, M.P.H.
Regulatory Associate
Phone: 214-648-3691
Rasija Nambiar, M.Sc., PGDPM
Regulatory Associate
Phone: 214-648-9453
Kelechi Echendu, M.S.
Regulatory Associate
Phone: 214-648-2552
Noelle Vinson, J.D., M.S. Ed.
Regulatory Associate
Phone: 214-648-6416

External IRB (Reliance)

Rania AlShahrouri, M.B.A., CCRP
Research Program Manager - Reliance
Phone: 214-648-0225
Regulatory Associate - Reliance

Quality Assurance 

Kellye Benton, M.S.
Regulatory Monitoring Analyst
Phone: 214-648-6415
Scot St. Martin, CIA, CGAP, CRMA
Regulatory Monitoring Analyst
Phone: 214-648-4066

HRPP Support

Erica Sawczuk, B.A.
Administrative Coordinator
Phone: 214-648-9882
Waley Hua
Regulatory Assistant
Phone: 214-648-2583
Channing Calton
Financial Analyst/IRB Fees
Phone: 214-648-6411