2016 Article Archive

UT Southwestern’s Tamminga receives national award for creating new method of classifying psychosis


Dr. Carol Tamminga, Chairman of Psychiatry at UT Southwestern Medical Center, has received the American Psychiatric Association’s top research award for creating a new system of classifying various forms of psychosis based on biological indicators, and contributing to better understanding their neural mechanisms.

Researchers discover genetic clue to why people develop disease as they age


Researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center have found a key to how the telomerase gene TERT influences the development of disease, opening up the possibility of treatment for some cancers and certain diseases that currently have no treatment options.

UTSW scientists invent new way to see proteins in motion


UT Southwestern Medical Center researchers developed a new imaging technique that makes X-ray images of proteins as they move in response to electric field pulses.

CRI scientists discover new bone-forming growth factor that reverses osteoporosis in mice


A team of scientists at the Children’s Medical Center Research Institute at UT Southwestern (CRI) discovered a new bone-forming growth factor, Osteolectin (Clec11a), which reverses osteoporosis in mice and has implications for regenerative medicine.

UTSW Schools, Students Honor Excellence In Education


Dr. Joseph Albanesi, Professor of Pharmacology, and Dr. Beth Brickner, Professor of Internal Medicine, received Distinguished Educator Awards for UT Southwestern Medical School during the 12th Annual Excellence in Education reception and awards ceremony held recently at the A.W. Harris Faculty and Alumni Center.

Bioinformatics graduate student awarded HHMI Gilliam Fellowship


Bioinformatics graduate student Andres Nevarez – who is working on a project that uses advanced computer vision to detect the spread of skin cancer – says his parents fostered his interest in science from an early age.

Former UTA leader heading Student Enrollment Services


Shannon L. Williams, former Director of Student Services at UT Arlington, has been appointed to UT Southwestern Medical Center’s newly created position of Director of Student Enrollment Services.

Awards for November 2016


Federal, non-federal, and industry-sponsored grants awarded to UT Southwestern faculty in November 2016.

Nation’s largest state effort to track concussions in youth athletes under way in Texas


The nation’s largest statewide effort to track concussions among youth athletes is under way in Texas with the launch of a registry designed to assess the prevalence of brain injuries in high school sports.