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Why Carpool?

Save Money

Carpoolers enjoy reduced parking costs based on the number of participants sharing the price of the permit. Annual fuel costs are also reduced substantially for each carpooler compared with driving alone. Some carpoolers even share insurance and maintenance costs.

Save Time

Carpools are eligible to use the HOV lanes on many local freeways, reducing commuting time. Once on campus, the time spent finding a place to park is greatly reduced because carpools get assigned spaces.

Save Your Spot

Upon registering a carpool, Parking Services will fabricate and install a sign with your carpool's name on it to designate your assigned parking space.

Free Up Parking Spaces 

Did you know that if 10% of UTSW faculty, staff, and students carpooled, we would effectively increase available parking spaces on campus by 950 spaces? Put simply, carpooling with just one person who usually drives their own car will free up one parking space each day.

Once you identify others to carpool with (maximum four per carpool), you can create your carpool by logging in to the parking portal. You can then choose either a garage or lot permit, and invitations will be sent to all participants you identify.

Additional Details

To facilitate days on which a carpooler may need to drive alone instead of joining the carpool, each person will be issued 10 free-parking, virtual hangtags for regular lot parking (excludes visitor parking lots).

Note: Participants in the UT Southwestern Carpooling Program are not eligible to purchase individual parking permits.

Start or Join a Carpool

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