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On Campus

The Office of Student Empowerment and Engagement offers resources and hosts events across the UT Southwestern campus. Whether we are conducting activities, leading a workshop, hosting a luncheon, or sponsoring a speaker for an OSEE Lunch and Learn, you will find culture and diversity celebrated throughout our campus. Please explore the following examples of how we support our students on campus.

Enhancing Success Through Education

13 medical students standing on stairs and wearing their white coats

We promote learning opportunities that will contribute to student success through the following events:

Lunch and Learn Series:

Key topics:

  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Practicing Your Faith in Health Care
  • Understanding Health Care Needs of the Patients We Serve
  • Decoding Emotions Using Brain-Wide Spatiotemporal Dynamics
  • Engaging in Research in Underserved Communities

Course on Health Care in Underserved Communities

Contact the office for details about educational opportunities and events.


Mentoring Support

Through the Office of Student Empowerment and Engagement, we strive to offer connection and relationship for students of diverse backgrounds with a wide variety of faculty, staff, and students.

Students currently enrolled at UT Southwestern can take advantage of our mentoring program, which assists students in identifying a mentor to help guide them through their academic years. Among other things, mentors can help:

  • Advise students on decisions concerning summer programs and interest groups
  • Advise students on professional and career issues
  • Broaden perspectives, expectations, and behaviors
  • Develop strategies for exam preparation
  • Identify resources for learning and career development
  • Support and encourage learning on an ongoing basis

Mentors serve a critical role in graduate education and they are vital in the training of the next generation of intellectual leaders. Southwestern Graduate School defines the role of a mentor as someone who will teach, train, encourage, counsel, and support a graduate student for the purpose of promoting that student’s professional and personal development.

Mentorship is an essential part of health professions training. All students are assigned a faculty mentor upon the start of their program. Mentorship offers a means to foster an inclusive learning environment and empower students to become autonomous leaners. The School of Health Professions faculty mentors serve as guides to support student’s professional and personal growth throughout the academic curriculum and clinical training.

How do I get a mentor?

If you are a UT Southwestern student, the Empowerment and Engagement Office to learn how to obtain a mentor.

Professional Development Experiences

We strive to develop programs and activities that support students in their professional and educational development to help them become the best researchers and medical professionals they can be. Below are a few examples of professional development activities the Office of Student Empowerment and Engagement offers to our students.

  • Lunch and Learn Series

    Our monthly Lunch and Learn Series covers topics suggested by our students. Examples of recent topics include health policy, imposter syndrome, and immigration law. Lunch is provided and you just join us for some good discussion.

    Learners listen to a speaker during a lunch address
  • Financial Literacy

    Whether just starting your educational experience or on the tail end, there are various financial literacy presentations hosted by our office. Students will learn budget management, loan repayment, and discover apps and tools to assist with money management. We partner with financial experts on campus and in the community.

    Male and female learners sit at a row of tables
  • Interview Preparation

LGBTQ+ Support

A woman speaks at a microphone as students eat lunch with rainbow table cloths on the tables

LGBTQ+ events and activities include:

  • National Coming Out Day Celebration
  • PRIDE Month Celebrations
  • Transgender Day of Remembrance

LGBTQ+ organizations include:


Students who identify as LGBTQ+ can find an inclusive environment that is warm and welcoming, with supportive programming to enhance the student experience at UT Southwestern.


Social and Cultural Events

We always find time to add enjoyment to the students’ lives with social and cultural events. Whether it’s celebrating a holiday, hosting a cultural luncheon, or even just having an ice cream break, students enjoy downtime from the stressors of school.

Students pinatas, dolls, and other large symbols of the Hispanic heritage

Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA) during Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration

Dozens of students in rows with a guest speaker sitting in the front

Black History Month Celebration Dinner

A woman wears a gingerbread man sweater and a man wears a sweater that has a hood that makes the sweater shaped like a Christmas tree

Holiday Social Ugly Sweater Contest

A woman with long brown hair and wearing a red shirt sits at a table

Kicking it with OSEE – Monthly Check Ins

A rainbow striped cake with National Coming Out Day written on it

National Coming Out Day

A male student stands in front of a screen with a photo of Ynez Mexia, a Mexican-American botanist

SACNAS Taco Tuesday

Two female students stand behind a table where prosthetic legs and feet lie.

Research and Health Careers Conference

A female student uses a tool on a plaster orthotic device

Prosthetics & Orthotics students getting ready for HPREP students

Blue, pink, and white flags are lined up in a flower bed and blue, pink, and white flags circle a tree behind them

Students laid flags with the names of those who lost their lives in honor of Transgender Day of Remembrance.

A woman dances with a red dot on her forehead and while wearing a white dress with a gold sash and white sticks in her hair

Annual Multicultural Celebration Event