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On Campus

We host events all across the UT Southwestern campus. Whether we are conducting activities, leading a workshop, hosting a luncheon, or sponsoring a speaker for a Diversity Lunch and Learn, you will find culture and diversity celebrated throughout UT Southwestern Medical Center.

The variety of programs and activities are included in the following groupings:

Mentorship and Student Engagement

Group picture of students with using stethoscopes on each other
Latino Medical Student Association, Student National Medical Association, and PRIDE student organizations.
MLK Scholarship Program

Mentoring and student engagement are a core component of our programming. We offer many opportunities for students to meet mentors and engage with the campus community.

  • Gotcha Covered Mentoring Program
  • LGBTQ Mentoring Program
  • Mentoring Brunches
  • Individual Coffee and Conversation Mentoring
  • Diverse Student Organization Support
  • Monthly MS1 Check-in Lunches
  • Kickin’ It with the Dean – Monthly Lunches

LGBTQ+ Support

Four women holding a UTSW Pride picture frame
Four women are the picture of UTSW Pride.

Students who identify as LGBTQ+ can find an inclusive environment that is warm and welcoming, with supportive programming to enhance the student experience at UT Southwestern.

Programs and activities dedicated to our LGBTQ+, and allies, are vast and include:

  • National Coming Out Day Celebration
  • LGBTQ+ student-led organizations
  • Diversity Lunch and Learns with specific topics geared toward this community
  • Ally training
  • LGBTQ+ mentoring support
  • Pride Parade Brunch

Professional and Educational Development

Students and faculty member working with bones on a table
Students receive guidance during a sawbones workshop.

We are always developing programs and activities that support students in their professional and educational development that add a layer to their formal education.

Two male students stand by the statue of Dr. Donald Seldin after their white coat ceremony
Two students stand by the statue of Dr. Donald Seldin on the South Campus after their white coat ceremony.
  • Interview Readiness Preparedness Dinner
  • Mock Quals
  • Mock Residency Interviews
  • Wards Bootcamp
  • Diversity Lunch and Learns
  • Health Care Disparities Elective
  • White Coat Family Brunch

Social and Cultural Events

We always find time to add enjoyment to the students’ lives with social and cultural events. Whether it’s celebrating a holiday, hosting a cultural luncheon, or even just having an ice cream break, students enjoy downtime from the stressors of school.

Latino Medical Students Association
Latino Medical Students Association