President Message

When the UT Southwestern Academy of Teachers was established in 2006 as a service organization, its simple goal was the enhancement and support of the educational mission of the medical center.  Membership included faculty from the Graduate School, Medical School and School of Health Professions, each supported and elected by their departments and peers. In the ensuing years, SWAT has seen the establishment of the SWAT Educational Grants Program and the SWAT/OME Fellowship Program, all in support of that educational mission. This has been accomplished through the vision and hard work of many individuals within SWAT. Flash forward to 2020 when medical centers have dealt with a worldwide pandemic that affects the triad of missions of the medical center-clinical care, research and education.

Though the world in which we live and work has changed, SWAT will continue to uphold its inaugural aims. We will continue to celebrate current/past members and welcome new members who share the vision of excellence in education. SWAT will strive to develop excellent teachers, stimulate innovation in education and promote educational scholarship.  None of that can, or should, be done by a single person or committee within SWAT. We must all band together, share ideas, and collaborate between departments and schools to promote the educational mission of SWAT and this medical center. 

To new SWAT members, we are happy to have you join us in our endeavors and look forward to working with new ideas. To all UT Southwestern faculty members, please continue to use this organization as a resource along your teaching pathway, whether that is attending sessions in the Effective Teacher Series applying for small grants sponsored by SWAT, or attending the virtual Alfred Gilman Education Symposium.

Mary Jane Pearson M.D.
Professor, Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology
SWAT President 2021