The Center for Organogenesis Research and Trauma

Welcome to the Center for Organogenesis, Regeneration and Trauma (CORT), established in 2020 by the Department of Surgery at UT Southwestern Medical Center and led by Drs. Benjamin Levi, Deborah Carlson, and Vanessa Nomellini. CORT will establish the premier basic science/translational research program in the world for the study of organogenesis and response to trauma. CORT will unite diverse members of the UT Southwestern community, including trainees, scientists, clinical faculty, and staff, around a single goal of improving the lives of people who have suffered traumatic injuries.


Science excels in a culture that promotes and supports strong peer mentorship, wellness, diversity and collaboration.


The mission of the Center for Organogenesis, Regeneration and Trauma (CORT) is to improve the lives of children and adults living with injury and diseases of the skin, organs, and musculoskeletal system through rigorous science, innovation, collaboration, and compassion. 


  • Brings surgeon-scientists together to enhance collaboration
  • Creates central resources for basic and translational scientists to prevent redundancy and fragmentation
  • Increases the efficiency of science “business”
  • Creates an inspiring and robust learning environment
  • Provides professional development for faculty and trainees


CORT in the News

Drugs being investigated for pain relief may prevent heterotopic ossification, study suggests. Blocking a molecule that draws sensory nerves into musculoskeletal injuries prevents heterotopic ossification (HO), a process in which bone abnormally grows in soft tissue during healing, UT Southwestern researchers reported in a study


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