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Pediatric Critical Care Faculty

Dr. Jessica Moreland

Jessica Moreland, M.D.

  • Professor, Division Chief
  • Thomas Fariss Marsh, Jr. Chair in Pediatrics
  • Interests: Inflammation and the resolution of inflammation; NADPH oxidase and reactive oxygen species signaling; neutrophil priming; mechanisms of toll-like receptor signaling and role of single nucleotide polymorphisms; translational analysis of neutrophil activation state during cardiopulmonary bypass and during acute and chronic inflammatory diseases in children
Dr. Sirine Baltagi

Sirine Baltagi, M.D.

  • Assistant Professor
  • Interests:Critical Illness Coagulopathy; heart failure; mechanical assist devices
Dr. Priya Bhaskar

Priya Bhaskar, M.D.

  • Assistant Professor
Dr. Cindy Bowens

Cindy Darnell Bowens, M.D., M.S.C.S.

  • Associate Professor
  • Medical Director, PICU, Children's Medical Center
  • Interests: Quality and guideline initiatives; pain control; sedation
Dr. Samuel Davila

Samuel Davila, M.D.

  • Assistant Professor
  • Interest: Host response in severe sepsis
Dr. Archana Dhar

Archana Dhar, M.D.

  • Associate Professor
  • Associate Fellowship Program Director
  • Interests: Extracorporeal support of critical patients (CRRT and ECMO)
Dr. Ivie Esangbedo

Ivie Esangbedo, M.D., M.P.H.

  • Assistant Professor
  • Interests: Cardiac arrest; resuscitation science

Leslie Garner, M.D.

  • Assistant Professor
  • PICU Resident and Medical Student Director
  • Interest: Macrophage function
 Dr. Sarah Ginsburgh

Sarah Ginsburg, M.D.

  • Assistant Professor
Dr. Erin Gordon

Erin Gordon, D.O.

  • Assistant Professor
  • Interests: Pediatric critical and cardiac critical care; hypertrophic cardiomyopathy; fetal and neonatal myocardium fuel preference and energy metabolism; evidence-based medicine
Dr. Michael Green

Michael Green, M.D.

  • Associate Professor
  • Fellowship Program Director
  • Interests: Cardiac intensive care; medical education
Dr. Olivia Hoffman

Olivia Hoffman, M.D.

  • Assistant Professor
 Dr. Stephanie Hsu

Stephanie Hsu, M.D.

  • Assistant Professor
  • Interests: ICU delirium; ICU liberation and early mobility; sedation
Dr. Peter Luckett

Peter Luckett, M.D.

  • Professor
  • Interests: Pulmonary medicine; clinical trials in critical care medicine
Dr. Mia Maamari

Mia Maamari, M.D.

  • Assistant Professor
Dr. Ali McMichael

Ali McMichael, M.D.

  • Assistant Professor
  • Interests: ECMO and anticoagulation; simulation
Dr. Darryl Miles

Darryl Miles, M.D.

  • Associate Professor
  • Interests: Traumatic brain injury; neuroimaging biomarkers; cerebral autoregulation; quality improvement in pediatric neurocritical care
Dr. Blake Nichols

Blake Nichols, M.D.

  • Assistant Professor
  • Interests: Acute respiratory failure; resuscitation; shock; neutrophil-based inflammation and development of diabetic ketoacidosis; improvement of resuscitation education; simulation-based education for multi-professional learners
Dr. Julio Pérez Fontán

Julio Pérez Fontán, M.D.

  • Professor
  • Associate Dean for Clinical Faculty Development
  • Physician-in-Chief, Children's Health
  • Robert L. Moore Chair in Pediatrics
  • Interests: Pediatric critical and cardiac critical care; airway smooth muscle; autonomic nervous system; neurogenic inflammation
Dr. Alan Poole

Alan Poole, M.D., Ph.D.

  • Assistant Professor
  • Interests: In vivo tumor metabolism; cellular metabolic derangements in the setting of critical illness; infection and inflammation
Dr. Renee Potera

Renee Potera, M.D.

  • Assistant Professor
  • Interests: Acute respiratory distress syndrome; ventilator management in acute respiratory failure; simulation-based education for multi-professional learners
Dr. Lakshmi Raman

Lakshmi Raman, M.D.

  • Associate Professor
  • Medical Director, ECMO, Children's Health
  • Interests: Chronic hypoxia and hippocampal injury; hypothermia in traumatic brain injury
Dr. Maeve Sheehan

Maeve Sheehan, M.D., M.B.A.

  • Professor
  • Vice Chair for Clinical Operations
  • Interests: Transplant; patient flow; hospital administration; sepsis
Dr. Alexandra Volk

Alexandra Volk, M.D.

  • Associate Professor
  • Interests: Cell volume regulation; neutrophil chemotaxis; disaster management; NADPH oxidase and the reactive oxygen species signaling
Dr. Joshua Wolovits

Joshua Wolovits, M.D.

  • Associate Professor
  • Interests: Quality care initiatives in the ICU; cerebral hemodynamics and neuro-protection in congenital heart disease; sedation strategies in the cardiac patient; strategies to prevent shunt thrombosis in the single ventricle patient
Dr. Priscilla Yu

Priscilla Yu, M.D.

  • Assistant Professor
  • Interests: Pediatric critical care medicine; extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO); medical education and simulation