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Instruments and Locations

Irradiation Devices

Small Animal Irradiation Platforms
PCRCF has two state-of-the-art small animal irradiators to deliver high-throughput, high-precision radiation experiments under image guidance:

  • X-RAD 225Cx from Precision X-Ray Irradiation, Inc (NE3, outside animal facility barrier).
  • SAARP from Xstrahl Inc. (NB3.206, behind animal facility barrier.) Currently on order and will be operational December 2019.

X-Ray Irradiators

PCRCF has one X-ray irradiator to deliver high-dose-rate X-ray radiation to small animals or biological specimens:

X-RAD 320
  • X-RAD 320 from Precision X-ray Irradiation Inc. (NG2.310, behind animal facility barrier).

Imaging Devices

PCRCF has the following imaging devices to meet different needs:

MRS 3017
  • MRS 3017 MRI scanner with a 3T magnet field and 17 cm bore size (NB3.206, behind animal facility barrier). Currently on order and will be operational in June 2019.
  • X-RAD 225Cx system is equipped with a cone-beam CT for image-guided radiation therapy.
  • SAARP system is equipped with both cone-beam CT and micro-CT systems for imaged-guided radiation therapy, as well as respiratory gating assistance for precise radiation therapy.
  • Ami HTX Optical Imaging System specifications:
    • Bioluminescent imaging
    • Fluorescent imaging
    • X-ray imaging
    • High throughput
    • Pure LED illumination
    • 100X light intensity on specimen
    • 10 LED wavelengths from 430nm to 745nm
    • 10 filters included from 530nm to 790 nm
    • Solid state cooled CCD camera (–90C)
    • High-performance imager
    • CCD camera with back illumination
    • Ultra-wide category leading 25cm x 17cm optical FOV
    • X-ray FOV is 25 x 15 cm
    • Up to 40kV maximum X-ray energy
  • Molecubes, a new addition to the Core Facility, is coming in January 2023. Details in the image gallery.

Computational Instrumentation 

A computational facility will be set up to offer accurate dosimetry and treatment planning via advanced Monte Carlo simulation tools on a high-performance GPU platform.

Quality Assurance

A quality assurance program has been established that includes physics personnel performing quality assurance activities on all of the equipment on a weekly, quarterly, and annual basis to validate and maintain their geometric and dosimetric accuracy. Dosimetric measurements using devices with accuracy traceable to national standards ensure dosimetric uncertainty of our irradiators to ±3%.