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Program Facilities

Parkland Memorial Hospital

More than 12,000 deliveries per year, predominantly inborn population:

  • Neonatal Intensive Care Nursery: 96 beds – approximately 1,100-1,300 admissions yearly

  • Delivery Room: Myra Wyckoff, M.D., an internationally acclaimed physician in neonatal resuscitation research, directs a unique resuscitation rotation, which includes exposure to a computerized patient simulator, participation in resuscitation research, review of the literature, and attendance at high-risk deliveries.

  • A pharmacy devoted solely to the distinctive needs of neonatal patients is located within the NICU and includes dedicated NICU pharmacists.

  • MRI suite within NICU devoted solely for MRI brain scans for infants admitted to NICU. e.g., term equivalent MRI brain scans of ELGANs, and MRI brain scans for infants with HIE.

  • Term/Near-term Newborn Nursery: admits all neonates >2100gm birth weight and >34 wks gestational age

Children’s Medical Center

A tertiary referral center for North Texas, which encompasses more than 100,000 births:

  • Thrive Clinic: Staffed by two pediatric nurse practitioners, one physician assistant, and one follow-up physician providing primary care to 90 percent of extremely low birth weight infants born at Parkland; up to three years as needed.

  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: Referral unit to which infants are transferred by the Children’s Neonatal Transport Team via land and air transport from North Texas and neighboring states. The unit has 47 beds.

  • Cardiovascular Unit: Staffed by the intensive care attendings, pediatric nurse practitioners, and fellows in intensive care pediatrics. This unit has 325 pump cases per year and another 150 non-pump cases per year. Fellows in neonatal/perinatal medicine are exposed to pre- and postoperative care. 
    • Exposure to cardiac surgery (approximately 25 infants per rotation)