Compensation and Benefits

This information is subject to change with little or no notice. Every reasonable attempt will be made to ensure this data is accurate and up to date.

What are the starting entry-level salaries?

Salaries are usually negotiable. Unless otherwise specified for the position being sought, salaries depend upon an applicant’s overall training, education, experience, etc. Typically, applicants negotiate their salary with the Office of Human Resources and/or the Chief of Police. The salary ranges are usually posted with the job posting announcement on Human Resources' Careers page.

How often does UT Southwestern pay their employees?

Bi-weekly pay for hourly personnel. Salary personnel paid monthly on the first working day of each month. Direct deposit options are available through the Medical Center's Payroll Office. Overtime earned in the previous month is paid on the 5th and 20th of each month. These checks are made available through the department.

What type of benefits does UT Southwestern provide to employees?

New employees receive a comprehensive benefits package.

Does the Department provide extra pay benefits to applicants with college degrees?

No, however, the applicant’s educational level can be taken into account during salary negotiation.

Does the Department provide any other compensation benefits?


  • Certification pay: Intermediate certification – $50/month, Advanced certification – $75/month, Master Certification – $100/month
  • Free uniform cleaning
  • Hazardous duty pay – $7/month for each year of service. (For example, an officer with five years' service would get $7 x 5 years = $35/month.)
Does the Department provide extra pay benefits to bilingual officers?

Not at this time.

Does the Department offer shift differential pay?

Not at this time.