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Emergency Preparedness

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Knowing what to do and not do can be your best protection during disasters. It is your responsibility!

Your family could be anywhere when disaster strikes – at work, school, or in the car. North Texas is spread out, so it's especially important that those who depend on you are prepared. How will you find each other? How will you know if your children, elderly family members, and pets are safe?

Disasters and major emergencies often strike quickly and without warning. What would you do if basic services – water, gas, electricity, or phones – were cut off? 

Be sure to discuss the dangers of fire, severe weather, earthquakes, and other emergencies with all household members. Create a plan and post it where everyone will see it. 

Seven Steps to Safety

  • Find out what types of disasters could occur in your area.
  • Create, practice, and maintain your family disaster plan.
  • Develop a plan for family members with special needs and your pets.
  • Pick an out-of-state contact for family members to call if you are separated by disaster.
  • Do a home-hazard hunt – check for anything that can move, fall, break, or cause fire.
  • Prepare a disaster supplies kit.
  • Prepare an emergency kit for your vehicle.