Translation Services

Language and Translation Services is a dedicated team of professionals who partner with researchers to provide quality interpretation and translation services for studies conducted by UT Southwestern investigators.

Written Translation of Consent/Authorization Documents

Written translation of IRB-approved consent documents and HIPAA Authorizations are available through the UT Southwestern Language and Translation Services.

Note: Note: For the purpose of translation charges, the consent and authorization will be considered one document.

To request the translation of research consents and authorizations, please follow the following steps. It is important to prepare the documents as described below. Improperly prepared documents will result in additional charges.

1. Obtain IRB approval for the English versions.
2. Download the Translation Request Form from the IRB website.
3. Prepare documents for translation using the “Compare and Merge Documents” function in Word. Instructions for Word 2003 are below. Instructions are also available for Word 2007, Mac 2004 and Mac 2008.

a. Download the English version of the consent document template from the IRB website and save to your files.
b. Open up the study consent form to be translated.
c. Go to Tools and select “Compare and Merge” Documents
d. Uncheck the “find formatting” and “legal blackline” option boxes at the bottom
e. Select the IRB consent form template from your files and click “Merge”
f. This will result in a document that underlines all of the differences between the study consent and the template.
g. Repeat this same process for the HIPAA Authorization form.
h. Save the new documents as a separate file. This is “red lined” document is the one you will submit for translation.

4. Complete the Request for Translation Form, including the research account to be billed.
5. Send the completed form and the “red-lined” documents to be translated as e-mail attachments.
6. The translated consent document will be returned to the requestor (as indicated on the request form) via e-mail. All translated documents will be returned with a notarized certification attestation for your records. The turn-around time is dependent on volume; however, an estimated delivery date will be provided upon request.
7. The research account indicated on the Request for Translation form will be billed via the IDR process.

Translations in languages other than Spanish are available on a fee-for-service basis. Click here for a price list. For more information, please contact Language and Translation Services at 214-633-4070.

Written Translations of Other Research-Related Documents

Translations of recruitment materials, surveys or other research-related documents are available on a fee-for-service basis. For more information, contact Language and Translation services at 214-633-4070 or by email.

Obtaining IRB Approval of Translated Documents

1. Once the documents have been translated, investigators should submit them to the IRB via a MOD in the eIRB system.
2. All translated consent/assent forms must have an IRB approval stamp on each page prior to their use.
3. If any of the English IRB-approved documents are modified, new translated documents containing the changes must be submitted to the IRB for approval. Translated consent/assent forms that no longer match the most recent IRB-approved English version may NOT be used to consent/assent subjects. When the IRB requires re-consent of enrolled subjects, non-English speaking subjects must be re-consented with new translated documents.

Verbal Interpretation

The UT Southwestern Language and Translation Services has Spanish interpreters on staff to aid investigators and study personnel during the informed consent process and research-related visits. These services are available at no cost to UT Southwestern investigators.

To schedule interpreting services, please mail your request to the Email InterpreterEmail Interpreter

Interpreters are also available for languages other than Spanish on a fee-for-service basis. To submit requests for interpreters in languages other than Spanish, please call Language and Translation Services at 214-633-4070.

It is important to schedule all appointments at least one day in advance to ensure timely service. Additionally, it is important to let the interpreters know if there is a cancellation or a scheduling change.

For emergencies of calls after hours, please call 214-633-4070 or page 214-362-1075.