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Data Access

Data acquired on the spectrometers can be instantly and easily accessed remotely on the facility’s samba server via network drives. Read the PDF instructions for mapping NMR network drives on Mac and Windows PCs. Please be aware of the following regarding this setup and its implications:

  • This is the only way to access your NMR data. You are not allowed to connect any USB devices to any of the computer in the facility.
  • Do not manage your data on the spectrometers, such as delete, move, copy or rename files. Instead, do that on your own computer, or ask the NMR manager to do it for you if you are unable to or don’t feel comfortable doing that.
  • To have your own copy of the data or to back them up, simply select your data and either copy-and-paste or drag-and-drop to a storage location on your computer. You can also set up automatic and regular backup using your operating system’s utilities or third party software.
  • Even though data on all spectrometers are backed up hourly on the NMR server, it is strongly recommended that each research lab sets up its own backup and maintains a complete copy of the whole lab’s NMR data.