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All users must complete the MR safety I training and sign and submit the MR Screening Form and the Biochemistry NMR Safety Form before they are permitted to enter the magnet rooms or request NMR training.

Regardless of your prior NMR experience, users who are new to this facility must complete a formal training with the facility manager on an instrument before they are allowed to operate on that instrument, including inserting samples in the spinners or placing samples in the sample tray or on top of the magnet.

New User Training

  1. Go to, log in with your UTSW credentials, search for MRI safety on the left side of the web page, complete the MRI Safety Level I training, and save the completion certificate at the end of the training.

  2. Complete and sign the MR Screening Form and the Biochemistry NMR Safety Form.

  3. the MR safety training certificate and the two completed forms to Dr. Feng Lin.

  4. The NMR manager will then schedule your 90-minutes training on the instrument.

  5. After the initial training, users may only operate the instrument they were trained on. Users who have no prior hands-on NMR experience should operate the instrument under the supervision of a more experienced lab mate until they become proficient.

AN600 Training

Training on and proficiency in the use of the AN400 instrument is required before a user can request training and access to the AN600 instrument.

Additional/Advanced Training

Additional training will be provided upon request to those who wish to run any NMR experiment which he/she is not familiar with and is not covered during the initial training. These include nuclei other than 1H and 13C, 2D experiments, and selective 1D experiments such as NOESY 1D.

Variable Temperature (VT) Training

VT on all three spectrometers is disabled by default and is by appointment only. VT operation is instrument specific and training on a particular instrument with the manager is required before any user is allowed to change probe temperature on that instrument.