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Services and Collaboration

The Biochemistry NMR Core is a 24/7, open access facility where, after receiving the required training, users generally operate the instruments themselves and run their own samples. However, services are also available to UTSW internal users who prefer to have their samples run for them by facility staff and to customers outside of the University. Another option is to have the facility staff as a collaborator in a research project.


To request for NMR sample services, please download this electronically fillable Sample Submission Form, fill it out according to the instruction on the second page, and submit a printed copy along with your sample to L1.103. Advanced notification of your sample submission by is recommended.

Normally, samples are run on the same day if submitted before noon. Turnaround time may also depend on the number of samples submitted, experiments requested, and how busy the instruments are. Expedited service can be requested, which should be prearranged but cannot be guaranteed.

You will be notified by email when your sample is completed and ready for pickup. Data will be archived into a tar file and emailed to the address provided.

View our hourly rates online. Time is charged to the minute and the minimum amount of time charged per sample is 10 minutes. Billing is done at the beginning of each month for the previous month's usage.


Collaboration is welcome. Please contact the facility manager for inquiry and discussion. Instrument time used under collaboration will be billed at the internal self run rate.