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Data Processing

You may quickly inspect your data on the spectrometers, but data processing and analysis should be done off-line on your lab’s or your own computer. Details and instructions on how you can access your NMR data remotely are here. There are a number of options for processing and analyzing your NMR data off-line:

  1. Using Mestrelab’s Mnova, a very powerful suite of software capable to processing/analyzing NMR data from both Agilent/Varian and Bruker. The license files for Mnova version 14.1.2 with the qNMR and Reaction Monitoring plugins are available upon request to all users of the NMR facility.
  2. Using Agilent or Bruker’s native software to process the respective vendor’s data. Both offer unique capabilities, but generally, Mnova is able to accomplish whatever the vendors’ software is capable of. However, a case can be made for installing the Bruker software due to the limitations in their IconNMR automation software – it may aid in the interactive setup of certain experiments, such as NOESY 1D or solvent suppression.
    • Agilent’s latest and last version of VnmrJ 4.2 Datastation is free and is specified to work on 64-bit hardware on Windows 7 and Mac OS X 10.7 to 10.9, although later versions of Windows and OS X might still work. It is installed and runs inside a virtual machine. If your are interested, contact the facility manager for a loaner installation DVD.
    • Bruker offers their TopSpin NMR software free to academia. You will need to register (free) on their website before you are able to generate the free license or download the software.
  3. There are numerous other third party NMR processing software out there which you are free to choose and use.