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To ensure the smooth operation and continuous availability of MBR's resources, the following policies have been put in place.

  1. All users must be trained by MBR personnel prior to using the equipment.

  2. A calendar is maintained by MBR personnel for each instrument. Users must reserve time on an instrument prior to usage. Reservations are made using the iLab system.

  3. Users must accurately log their usage.

  4. If cancellations are necessary, users are asked to make them as soon as possible, and no later than one hour before the scheduled use. Failure to cancel will result in charges equal to those for the full duration of the reservation.

  5. Users will be billed for their training and instrument time on a monthly basis.

  6. Users and their PIs are responsible for damage to instrumentation that occurs due to negligence.

  7. Users will report problems with the operation of an MBR resource promptly to the Director.

  8. Each resource has an associated computer. Users will do their best to make sure that any media used in conjunction with these computers is free of malware.

  9. Tampering with MBR hardware, software, or computers is strictly forbidden.