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The mission of MBR is to provide access to state-of-the-art biophysical instrumentation, experimental design, and analyses to the UTSW community.

MBR seeks to accomplish this goal by maintaining a wide variety of such instrumentation and training users regarding its proper operation. Further, users are trained on the analysis and interpretation of their data, if appropriate.

Collaboration with Principal Investigators

Another means of achieving MBR's aims is for its personnel to enter into collaborative arrangements with principal investigators. These collaborations can take on many forms. For example, MBR personnel can aid in the design and performance of the experiments, or both of these aspects can be handled solely by MBR. Seeking off-campus and industrial collaborations will be an important step in optimally utilizing MBR's considerable resources.

Innovation in the Analysis of Biophysical Data

Another important goal of MBR is to develop new and innovative ways to analyze biophysical data. To this end, MBR personnel have authored software for the presentation and analysis of such data. We plan to continue this effort to extend the current capabilities of biophysical analysis.

UTSW Core Seminar Spotlight
Chad A. Brautigam, Ph.D.


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