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2022 Article Archive

Mothers with diabetes can have a healthy breastfeeding experience


Breastfeeding offers a wealth of benefits both for mothers and their babies. Although diabetes can complicate the process, it does not prevent mothers from giving their babies this wonderful start to life, according to UT Southwestern endocrinologist Maria Ramos-Roman, M.D., Associate Professor of Internal Medicine.

UTSW study links gene mutation to learning deficits in “Clueless” mice


A single mutation in a gene, Kcnc3, which encodes a potassium channel in neurons, causes learning deficits in mice, UT Southwestern researchers report in a new study in PNAS.

Enhanced recovery protocols improve patient outcomes in minimally invasive gynecologic surgery


Following Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) protocols designed to minimize surgical stress results in improved patient recovery and satisfaction, reduced postoperative complications, and shorter hospital stays, according to a review of ERAS programs in minimally invasive gynecologic surgery by UT Southwestern researchers.

Early onset of diabetes, hypertension can predict early glaucoma, UTSW ophthalmologists report


The earlier individuals develop Type 2 diabetes or hypertension in life, the earlier they are likely to develop primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG), the leading cause of irreversible blindness worldwide, researchers from UT Southwestern reported in a recent study.

Long-haul COVID deserves more attention, UTSW expert says


While public attention has been focused on the million-plus Americans who have died from COVID-19 and the ongoing level of cases and hospitalizations, tens of millions of patients have developed life-altering symptoms that linger long after their COVID-19 infection clears.

UTSW clinical trial sets stage for new paradigm in kidney cancer treatment


Building upon previous work at UT Southwestern Medical Center, investigators report the results of a clinical trial exploring the role of stereotactic ablative radiation therapy (SAbR) for patients with a handful of metastases, or so-called oligometastatic disease.

UTSW study finds p53 gene plays second role in suppressing genes tied to cancer


A gene that’s well known for its role in turning on tumor-suppressing genes when cells become stressed also keeps potential tumor-driving genes turned off, UT Southwestern researchers report in a new study.

International team determines structure of a key player in antibiotic resistance


With antibiotic-resistant bacteria on the rise, scientists have been searching for ways to shut down the Type IV secretion system (T4SS), a protein complex on the outer envelope of bacterial cells that helps them to exchange DNA with neighboring bacteria and resist antibiotics.

New cryo-EM images taken at UTSW shed light on Wnt signaling


Using UT Southwestern’s Cryo-Electron Microscopy Facility, researchers have captured images of an enzyme for Wnt lipidation, which is pivotal to human development and cancer and crucial for Wnt signaling activation.

Safer imaging technology for complex aortic repairs uses light instead of X-rays


A new imaging device at UT Southwestern is making complex aortic repairs safer for patients and operating room staff by dramatically reducing their exposure to radiation.