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2022 Article Archive

Preventing “identity theft” in prostate cancer cells re-sensitizes them to therapy


UTSW study suggests combination therapy might help prostate cancer patients overcome resistance to current treatments.

Chen, Hooper elected to National Academy of Medicine


The National Academy of Medicine announced the election of two UT Southwestern Medical Center faculty members – Lora Hooper, Ph.D., Chair of Immunology, and Zhijian “James” Chen, Ph.D., Professor of Molecular Biology and Director of the Center for Inflammation Research.

UTSW sleep researcher awarded prestigious Breakthrough Prize


UT Southwestern sleep researcher Masashi Yanagisawa, M.D., Ph.D., has been awarded the Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences for his discovery of the cause of narcolepsy.

UT Southwestern ranked top health care institution globally for published research by Nature Index


For the third year in a row, UT Southwestern is ranked as the top health care institution globally by Nature Index for publishing high-quality research in all subjects and in the life sciences.

How parents can help their kids with asthma avoid serious attacks


Changes in weather that accompany the return to school each fall can create a challenging environment for children who suffer from asthma, the most common pediatric chronic illness.

UTSW researchers discover molecular switch for heart regeneration


Scientists at UT Southwestern have discovered a molecular switch to restore the regenerative ability of adult heart cells.

“Bionic pancreas” improves blood sugar control in Type 1 diabetics


An experimental device known as a bionic pancreas kept blood sugar levels within normal ranges more effectively than standard-of-care glucose management among patients with Type 1 diabetes in a multicenter trial conducted partly at UT Southwestern.

UT Southwestern study highlights racial bias factors in physician assistant training


Physician assistant (PA) programs need to actively engage Black/African American students to help address issues of systemic racism, according to a new study.

UTSW ear experts recommend exams before buying OTC hearing aids


Adults with mild to moderate hearing loss who are considering buying hearing aids when they become available over the counter (OTC) later this month should first be examined by an audiologist and physician to determine if the devices will help them, UT Southwestern hearing specialists suggest.

UTSW rheumatologists: Patients’ role critical for teens transitioning to adult lupus care


Patients who develop lupus as children will eventually shift to adult rheumatology care. In a unique collaboration between rheumatologists at UT Southwestern and Children’s Health, investigators conducted a qualitative study, which showed that patients’ health literacy and taking an active role in their own care are important to successful transitions.