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2019 Article Archive

New screening approach helps identify sources of rare genetic diseases in children


The new approach combines DNA sequencing and a chemical analysis called metabolomics to identify mutant genes that cause defective metabolic pathways in patients.

Readmission penalties for safety-net hospitals drop under new rules


Readmission penalties against hospitals providing care to socioeconomically disadvantaged patients have dropped 14 percentage points under new rules adopted in 2019 that more equitably account for low income populations being served.

The cutting edge


Geneticists have adapted CRISPR technology to correct Duchenne muscular dystrophy mutations (DMD).

Researchers learn how ‘bad cholesterol’ enters artery walls in condition linked to world’s No. 1 killer


UT Southwestern researchers have determined how circulating “bad cholesterol” enters artery walls to cause the plaque that narrows the blood vessels and leads to heart attacks and strokes.

UT Southwestern to lead national effort to develop new weapons against pathogens


Amid growing concern about pathogens becoming more drug-resistant worldwide – and emerging new pathogens that have no current treatment – UT Southwestern has been selected to lead a five-year investigation into a promising new approach for controlling infections funded by a grant of up to $37 million.

Reminder: Clean your phone


Your cell phone can harbor bacteria-causing infections, so remember to properly clean it.

New role for innate immune sensor: suppressing liver cancer


UT Southwestern researchers have found that a protein in the body’s innate immune system that responds to gut microbes can suppress the most common type of liver cancer.

UT Southwestern students sponsor April 27th health fair


More than 500 UT Southwestern Medical Center students, physicians, and health professionals will team up on Saturday, April 27 for the 15th annual Carnaval de Salud, which provides free health care services to underserved populations in Dallas.

One-third of cancer patients use complementary and alternative medicine


A stunning one-third of people with a cancer diagnosis use complementary and alternative medicines such as meditation, yoga, acupuncture, herbal medicine, and supplements.

Reconsider the 'peanuts and Cracker Jacks'


There are emerging fresh options to consider for your ballpark diet.