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2019 Article Archive

Three-drug combo improves lung function in most common genetic form of cystic fibrosis


A phase three clinical trial that UT Southwestern participated in determined that a three-drug combination improved lung function and reduced symptoms in cystic fibrosis (CF) patients who have a single copy of the most common genetic mutation for the disease.

‘I’d found my people’: Triple negative breast cancer patient builds community at UTSW


Sandra McKinney grew so attached to the Simmons Cancer Center at UT Southwestern that she decided to fly back for follow-up appointments instead of finding a new provider when she moved to New Jersey.

First structure of human cotransporter protein family member solved


In work that could someday improve treatments for epilepsy, UT Southwestern scientists have published the first three-dimensional structure of a member of a large family of human proteins that carry charged particles – ions – across the cell membrane.

One step closer to breaking the link between obesity and hypertension


Why do those with obesity so often develop high blood pressure? The answer could be as simple as loss of a sugar molecule.

Can timing of food affect lifespan?


Dr. Joseph Takahashi, noted for discovering the first gene controlling biological clocks in mammals, addressed the topic at the Society for Neuroscience annual meeting where he was awarded the Gruber Neuroscience Prize for his pioneering work in circadian rhythms.

Are high school sports safe? Concussion registry can provide answers


Awareness about concussions has never been greater among high school athletes and coaches, thanks to the spotlight shone on some former NFL players who have experienced problems later in life.

Business school professor given new purpose after cancer care


Ms. Casper has a Ph.D. in organizational psychology and studies ways of improving the health and well-being of employees. She never could have foreseen having her own work-life balance put to the test by cancer.

Implanted memories teach birds a song


A new songbird study that shows memories can be implanted in the brain to teach vocalizations – without any lessons from the parent.