Equipment (overview)

QLMC provides affordable access to a variety of microscope modalities including laser-scanning and spinning-disk confocal, multiphoton, wide-field deconvolution, CFP/YFP FRET, TIRF, single-molecule imaging, and more. All microscopes have environmental chambers for control of temperature and COwhen needed. Furthermore, QLMC offers advanced, fast volumetric imaging of cleared samples through the Microscopy Innovation Lab.

Three workstations are available for offline and online image processing and analysis, including volume rendering, neuron tracing, 3D measurement, 3D particle tracking and more.

Click each microscope system for more information:

Confocal MicroscopesLocation
Nikon CSU-W1 SoRa inverted spinning disk confocal with super resolution and FRAP module NL5.120R
Zeiss LSM 780 inverted confocal/multiphoton NL5.120N
Zeiss LSM 780 upright confocal/multiphoton ND5.740
Zeiss LSM 880 inverted confocal/multiphoton NL7.134A
Zeiss LSM880 Airyscan inverted confocal with super resolution K1.224
Super-Resolution Microscopes  
OMX SR 3D structured illumination (SIM), 2D PALM/STORM, ring TIRF, ... NL5.120R
Wide-Field Microscopes 
Deltavision Deconvolution wide-field epifluorescence K1.228, NL5.120R
Nikon Ti wide-field epifluorescence NL5.120R
Zeiss AxioObserver epifluorescence K1.222
Zeiss Axioscop histology NL7.110D
Fluorescent Lifetime Microscope 
Fluorescent lifetime imaging (FLIM) ND11.106
Dissecting/Stereo Microscopes 
Zeiss SteREO Discovery.V12 with Pentafuar S NL7.110M
Dell Precision 64-bit Windows workstations NL5.120P
Custom-build microscopes (available through the Microscopy Innovation Lab) 
mesoSPIM for cleared specimens (isotropic  ~5 µm resolution through very large volumes) Inquire
ctASLMv1 for cleared specimens (isotropic ~700 nm resolution) Inquire
ctASLMv2 for cleared specimens (isotropic ~300 nm resolution) Inquire
OPM for qlmc, high-speed volumetric imaging (~200 nm (xy); ~500 nm (z) resolution) Inquire