Super Resolution

ERK7 and GFP-tubulin in T. gondii by 3D Structured Illumination Microscopy (SIM). Maximum intensity projections.


Two Photon Imaging

GFP-tagged protein and mCherry membrane marker in live adult C. elegans. Maximum intensity projection with orthogonal view.


Fast confocal microscopy

Nikon SoRa Super Resolution Spinning Disk confocal


Spectral Unmixing

Confetti in early post-natal mouse heart

LCIF is now QLMC 

Our facility has a new name: Quantitative Light Microscopy Core (QLMC). New name, but same mission!

Contact us: 

Email: QLMC

Phone: 214-648-3885

Getting started

The QLMC uses PPMS for equipment scheduling.

PPMS Quick Start Guide 

PPMS account login or creation

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Methods & services: 

- Widefield
- Laser scanning confocal
- Spinning disk confocal
- Super resolution
- TIRF, SIM, FLIM, ...
- Image quantification
- Microscope maintenance

Equipment and Fees

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