Module 1: Cell Culture and Cell Phenotyping

Supports the maintenance and authentication of cell lines required for rigorous study across a wide range of research activities, and provides equipment and support for quantitative cellular analysis applications (directed by Danielle M. Robertson, O.D., Ph.D.).

Module 2: Molecular Biology and Virus Production

Provides full-service DNA production and validation as well as lentivirus and adenovirus production and purification (directed by John D. Hulleman, Ph.D.).

Module 3: Microscopy and Digital Imaging

Provides equipment, infra-structural support, supplies and technical assistance for quantitative imaging of cells and tissues. In addition, the Center includes a biostatistician who will work with each of the investigators regarding the design of their research studies, and with planning for the rigorous analysis of data and interpretation of results (directed by W. Matthew Petroll, Ph.D.).