Over the past several years, investigators in the Department of Ophthalmology have shared resources, technical expertise, and equipment to facilitate their respective research programs in a remarkably collegial atmosphere. The expansion of the Department of Ophthalmology's laboratory facilities, and the acquisition of additional NEI grant support for investigators on campus, prompted us to assemble core facilities as a means of enhancing these research activities. The establishment of core facilities obviates duplication of fundamental technologies by PIs in the Departments of Ophthalmology, Psychiatry, Developmental Biology, Physiology, and Neuroscience. 

The overall goal of the NEI Center Core Grant for Vision Research is to enhance the capabilities of vision research scientists by facilitating easy access to equipment, training and technical support which will expand experimental capabilities, result in more cost-effective and time-efficient research, and open up new research directions. This Center will serve vision science researchers across the UTSW campus. It will also facilitate new research collaborations and utilization of the core facilities by vision scientists at other nearby institutions. 

The Center Core will add scientific rigor to the research activities of the participating vision scientists by:

  1. Supporting the operation of the Resource/Service Modules by managing usage and operations, and providing for skilled technical assistance, equipment maintenance, and the purchase of supplies
  2. Providing biostatistical services to Core investigators for the design and analysis of their research studies
  3. Expanding the number of collaborative research projects between investigators both within UTSW and between UTSW and other neighboring institutions
  4. Providing a fertile environment for the development of vision research programs of junior faculty members, and for new vision researchers recruited into the University
  5. Providing resources and training to assist graduate students, medical students, and post-doctoral fellows with their research projects

The Department of Ophthalmology also sponsors a Visual Sciences Seminar Series and Works in Progress meetings to promote interdisciplinary collaborations between investigators on campus and in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Our NEI Center Core consists of three Resource/Service Modules, each directed by a faculty member with experience and expertise in their unit’s focus area.