Pricing & Services

Pricing & Services

EquipmentUTSW/UT System ChargesOutside Academic ChargesIndustry Charges
Analytical Ultracentrifuge $240/day $480/day $720/day
iTC200 $200/day $400/day $600/day
VP-ITC $100/day $200/day $300/day
CD $200/day $400/day $600/day
MALS $100/day $200/day $300/day
DLS $40/hour $80/hour $120/hour
MST $60/titration $120/titration $180/titration

A detailed pricing schedule can be found here.

MBR Services

MBR ServicesThe personnel in the MBR are experienced practitioners of the biophysical methods offered in this core. They can design, execute, and analyze biophysical experiments with macromolecules that you supply. This approach can be useful when time to complete an experiment is short or when no lab personnel are available to undergo training. Charges for these services are shown below; they are in addition to the instrument-time charges above:

ServiceUTSW/UT System ChargesOutside Academic ChargesIndustry Charges
AUC Non-Interacting $210/run $420/run $630/run
AUC Interacting $330/run $660/run $990/run
CD spectrum $60/spectrum $120/spectrum $180/spectrum
CD titration/melt $180/experiment $360/experiment $540/experiment
ITC titration $120/sample $240/sample $360/sample
DLS experiment $60/sample $120/sample $180/sample
MST experiment $120/titration $240/titration $360/titration

A detailed pricing schedule for these services can be accessed by clicking here.