Beckman-Coulter Analytical Ultracentrifuge

The AUC is used to apply a strong centrifugal field to solutions of macromolecules.  It is equipped with both absorption and interference optics for the detection of the resulting concentration gradients.

Primary Uses

Determination of molar mass, oligomerization state, stoichiometry, association constant.

Wyatt Technologies Dynamic Light Scattering

The DLS illuminates macromolecular solutions with laser light and measures the fluctuations of the scattered light at a fixed (90°) angle.

Primary Uses

Determination of diffusion coefficient, polydispersity; estimation of molar mass.

Wyatt Technologies MALS

This consists of a light-scattering detector and a differential refractive index detector.  Laser (or LED) light illuminates the sample as it passes through flow cells.  Can be used with DLS.

Primary Uses

Determination of molar mass, hydrodynamic radius, and extinction coefficients.

VP-ITC Isothermal Titration Calorimeter

The VP-ITC injects one solution into another and measures the association heats.  It has a stirred-cell volume of 1.4 mL.

Primary Uses

Determination of association constant, enthalpy of interaction, and entropy of interaction.

J-815 Circular Dichroism Spectrometer

The CD Spectrometer illuminates the sample with UV and/or visual radiation and measures the differential absorption of the right- and left-circularly polarized light.

Primary Uses

Estimation of secondary structure content, determinations of protein stability and of association constant of ligands exhibiting CD.

NanoTemper Microscale Thermophoresis

The MST directs an infrared laser onto a capillary that is filled with a fluorescently labeled molecule and an unlabeled binding partner. Changes in how the labeled molecule moves into or out of the heated volume provide insight into the interaction.

Primary Uses

Determination of association constants and other thermo-dynamic information.

Small-Volume Calorimeter

Like the VP-ITC, the small-volume ITC injects one solution into another and measures the heat of interaction. The stirred volume of this calorimeter is 200 microliters.

Primary Uses

Determination of association constant, enthalpy of association, and entropy of association.

TwoMP Mass Pohotometer

The Refeyn TwoMP mass photometer uses the interference of light at a glass-water interface to determine the masses of particles in solution landing on the glass surface.

Primary Uses

Determination of mass, oligomerization state, monodispersity.