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Set Up Award

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Your award proposal must be developed, negotiated, accepted, and approved by a sponsor before you can start the award setup process.

Estimated Duration

The initial Chart of Accounts (COA) String is generally established within four business days and includes:

  • Department number
  • Fund type
  • Source
  • Function
  • Project
  • Activity

Once you provide the department number and approved budget, the award setup process will begin.

How to Set Up an Award

  1. Collect Required Forms

    Collect all fully executed agreements, contracts, Notice of Award (NOA), and grant award documents.

  2. Submit Proposal Forms

    Submit your required funding proposal forms in eGrants.

  3. Learn Rules & Regulations

    Make sure you understand all the award rules and regulations outlined in the NOA.

  4. Monitor Your Award

    Monitor the progress of your award setup in eGrants while the Award Setup Team reviews contracts, agreements, and NOAs to minimize or eliminate downstream issues.

  5. Receipt of NOA

    If the Notice of Award (NOA) bypasses SPA and is sent directly to the PI, please forward it by opening a ticket in ServiceNow.

  6. Log Award Updates

    Log in to eGrants to make necessary modifications for your award. (If contact information changes, please notify SPA.)

  7. Review Your Funding

    Periodically review your funding to ensure an accurate project budget for your award.

  1. Watch for Email Notice

    Be on the lookout for an email that contains your fully executed agreement and award ID number from TechDev, Contracts Management, and SPA’s Industry Agreements team.

  2. View COA String

    Check PeopleSoft or Grant Notification Report (GNR) to view your Chart of Accounts (COA) String.

  3. Learn Rules & Regulations

    Make sure you understand all the award rules and regulations of the sponsored program.

  4. Request Agreement Modifications

    If you need to make modifications to your agreement, contact SPA, Contracts Management, or TechDev for assistance.

  5. Review Your Funding

    Periodically review your funding to ensure an accurate project budget for your award.

Terms and Definitions

Chart of Accounts (COA) String
The code used to record each financial transaction, composed of multiple, independent Chart Fields (segments).
Notice of Award (NOA)
Official document notifying the grantee and others of an award.
Research Contract
A legally binding agreement that includes the sponsor and governs the collaborative research of UT Southwestern and external organizations.
Research Agreement
Describes the actions two or more entities have agreed to and defines the obligations each party has to the others.
Award ID Number
Identifier (OPA or SPA number) assigned within PeopleSoft.

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Expert Tips

  • Understanding the Importance of a Department Number

    A department number is required to establish the COA String. It is important for recording your budget and expenses accurately to avoid non-salary cost transfers (NSCTs) and COA corrections.

  • How to Grasp Compliance Protocols

    During the review of awards, contracts, and agreements, if human or animal subjects are involved, an approved protocol listing the sponsor as a funding source is required.

    If the protocol is pending or missing the funding source, the appropriate budget category line will be restricted until the protocol is updated.

  • How to Manage Indirect Cost Funding Shortfalls

    UT Southwestern policy is to fully recover the costs (direct and indirect) associated with conducting research or providing services under sponsored awards, grants, and contracts.

    A shortfall can occur when the sponsor (funding source) does not pay enough indirect costs to meet the 10 percent requirement mandated by UT Southwestern (for non-industry-sponsored grants and contracts).

    An unrestricted departmental COA String must capture the 10 percent indirect cost shortfall during the award proposal stage. You must enter this information in eGrants as 2.3.1 Department Unrestricted F&A Chart of Accounts.

  • How to Avoid a Chart of Accounts (COA) Creation Delay

    Not including a department number on eGrants proposal submission will delay your COA creation.

  • How to Manage Notice of Award Revisions

    We will review and approve all revisions that involve a fully executed agreement, contract, or NOA that is adding or subtracting additional funds to a project.

    Payment receipt from a sponsor for capitated contracts is reviewed and processed by SPA’s Maintenance Team.

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