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The award management process begins once you have met your funding source's compliance requirements, the program provisions are complete, and once the award is available and set up in PeopleSoft.

Throughout the project term, some of the following changes may occur:

  • Changes in key personnel
  • Award end dates
  • Budgeted amounts
  • International travel
  • Specialized equipment

The UTSW financial system must reflect accurate award limitations and restrictions. This critical stage receives regular audits throughout the project life cycle.

How to Manage Your Award

Get Started with Accuracy

  • Confirm Award Details

    Review your Grant Notification Report (GNR) to confirm that your award details are correct and let SPA know of any issues you might need to be addressed.

  • Ensure an Accurate Budget

    Verify funding to ensure an accurate project budget, analyze funding to ensure an accurate project budget, confirm award start and end dates, and review your award budget monthly. Pay close attention to and verify terms and conditions and special terms and conditions listed in the Notice of Award (NOA). Contact SPA through ServiceNow for corrections to inaccurate information.

  • Confirm Compliance Requirements

    Confirm compliance requirements such as spending, reporting, and disclosures throughout each project stage. Failure to obtain an approved IACUC or IRB protocol may result in restricted funding categories and delay in proceeding with projects as anticipated.

  • Monitor Subrecipients

    Make sure your agreement is executed and a purchase order has been created. Check with your subrecipient to ensure they are invoicing on a regular basis. Monitor your purchase order, encumbrance balance, and accounts payable on the SCi005 - Invoices Vouchered by Accounts Payable report in Orbit.

  • Source Your Employees

    Source your employees working on this project and review regularly for updates.

Ongoing Review for Your Success

  • Review Encumbrances

    Regularly review your monthly encumbrances to ensure SPA can accurately help you manage your award. Work with Accounts Payable, Purchasing, or SPA’s Contracts Team to clear obstacles for your award.

  • Review Budget Errors

    Review your COA (Chart of Accounts) to ensure you are using the correct information that pertains to your specific award. If the COA is inaccurate, contact SPA’s Maintenance Team for assistance with your budget error.

  • Review Expenditures

    Review expenditures and disallowed expenses, ensuring allowability, allocability, and reasonableness. Making necessary corrections in a proactive manner allows for addressing issues earlier in the financial management stage, rather than at the end of the award. We recommend monthly financial reviews.

  • Control Deficit Spending

    Control deficit/over-the-limit (OLT) spending of the project's total funded amount.

  • Monitor Award End Dates

    Monitor upcoming PeopleSoft end dates and review notice of award (NOA) and no-cost extension (NCE). Notify SPA if plans are to request an NCE.

Incorporate Best Practices

How to Manage Financial Reporting

  1. Review Agreement Documents
    Periodically review your agreement documents to ensure that you know upcoming due dates and check your project ahead of the grant year-end dates for any reconciliation or cleanup your award might need.

  2. Review Expenses Incurred During Performance Period
    Review all expenses incurred within the period of performance for allowability. Your department needs to ensure all expense invoicing has been received. If there is a subcontract, the department should ensure all invoices have been received for financial reporting during the period.

  3. Transfer Disallowed Personnel Expenses
    Transfer any disallowed personnel expenses by the direct retro process for Maintenance Award group approval. If disallowed other expenses, transfer off using the non-salary cost transfer (NSCT) tool.

  4. Review Encumbrances
    Review encumbrances and, if necessary, work with Purchasing to clear them.

  5. Use the Financial Reporting Template
    Ensure that your team uses an accurate sponsor financial report template for reporting. If your department receives the template from the sponsor, please send it to the SPA Reporting team.

  6. Request a No-cost Extension, if Needed
    If you are going to request a no-cost extension, please notify SPA through ServiceNow.

  7. Review and Approval
    Once the SPA Reporting team has completed the financial report, using the eGrants process, the financial report will be sent to the PI/Department for review and approval signature.

  8. Certify and Submit to Sponsor
    After the PI has uploaded the report and performed the certification in eGrants, the report will route to the Financial Officer for approval and submission to the sponsor.

Terms and Definitions

Award Amendments
Necessary when a change of scope or finances of an approved grant application occurs.
Budget Period
The period during which authorized funds may be spent, per the Notice of Award (NOA).
Restricted funds in an account reserved for a specific future debt or liability.
Direct Retro (Salary Cost Transfer)
The transfer of a payroll expense between accounts.
Non-Salary Cost Transfers (NSCTs)
An expense transferred between accounts after the expense was recorded in the UT Southwestern financial accounting system.

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Expert Tips

How to Be a Good Steward of Your Award

  • Award Amendments & Modifications in eGrants

    Before reflecting in PeopleSoft, award modifications are recorded in eGrants by initiating the correct award modification type under the Awarded tab. Accurate award limitations and restrictions should reflect in the UTSW financial system.

  • No-Cost Extension

    A no-cost extension (NCE) extends the project period beyond the original project end date without additional funding. Once the NCE has been approved by the sponsor, SPA will update the end dates in PeopleSoft.

  • Re-budgeting or Budget Revisions

    After a grant or contract has been awarded, you may determine that the approved budget allocations are not consistent with actual project needs. You may request the formal reallocation of funds from one spending category to a category that better reflects the project requirements, including:

    • Effort changes (Process per the sponsor’s guidelines)
    • International travel (Process per the sponsor’s guidelines)
    • Specialized equipment (Process per the sponsor’s guidelines)
  • Revised Notice of Award

    If you receive a revised notice of award (NOA), you should provide the NOA modification to reflect the sponsor’s requested changes, including an increase or decrease in funding or project.

  • Carryover of Funds

    Sponsor approval to carry funds forward to apply existing funds to the next year’s segment. eGrants will notify department staff when a carryover modification has been submitted to the sponsor. Once sponsor approval has been received, SPA will update PeopleSoft.

  • Award & Personnel Changes

    When significant changes occur, such as PI changes or award terms and conditions, a modification should be initiated in eGrants to update the historical and financial record.

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