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Message from Program Director 

The Division of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery has been a vital part of UT Southwestern Medical School and Parkland Memorial Hospital since 1950. The training program culminates in the awarding of a medical degree through the Medical School, a one-year general surgery internship, and a residency that meets all the requirements of the accreditation process in the specialty.

The Division is the corporate head of the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (OMS) Residency Program at Parkland Health & Hospital System, UT Southwestern University Hospitals, Dallas Veterans Affairs Medical Center, JPS Health Care System – John Peter Smith Hospital, and Children’s Healthâ„  Children’s Medical Center Dallas. The program is accredited for five resident positions per year and also enrolls six to eight individuals in the one-year OMS internship program on an annual basis between all of the facilities.

The residency program itself is an intense academic and clinical experience designed to move residents through graduated levels of responsibility under the supervision of the faculty, culminating in the chief resident year. We have an outstanding faculty, ensuring the engaged resident an excellent experience during medical school and general surgery. The broadest scope of the specialty is offered to the residents at substantial depth.

All residents are required to participate in research activity leading to publication at some point during training. Research activities are facilitated through the faculty of the division or through the faculty of the medical school on an individual basis as the need arises. Access to graduate level course work in clinical research is also available for interested residents. These efforts require a significant investment of time and devotion by the resident; therefore the faculty does not support or allow extracurricular employment outside of the residency program.

The residency program is considered globally one of the premier training experiences in the specialty and is among the largest in the United States. This is primarily because of the unique opportunities afforded by our training facilities, the volume and breadth of our clinical experience, and our internationally acclaimed faculty. The program is not only designed to train residents in all phases of specialty surgical care, but is particularly focused on hospital-based (major) surgery.

In addition, the residency program has enjoyed a long tradition and rich history of preparing surgeons to enter academic practice including 29 current and former department/division chairs, two deans, and 31 OMS research fellows among the 250 alumni to date, most all of whom have also made substantial contributions to the specialty in other respects. 

This unique tradition of leadership, fortitude of character, and compassion combined with clinical and academic excellence remains central to the core identity of the residency program today, are the hallmarks of our graduates, and are the underlying principles shaping our framework for the future.

Thomas Schlieve, D.D.S., M.D.
Program Director