Pediatric Gastroenterology Faculty

Bradley A. Barth, M.D., M.P.H.
Professor, Interim Division Chief
Director, Gastroenterology Endoscopy Unit, Children’s Medical Center
Interests: Therapeutic endoscopy, capsule endoscopy, pancreatic and biliary tract disease, inflammatory bowel disease, gastrointestinal bleeding, and balloon enteroscopy

Michele J. Alkalay, M.D.
Assistant Professor
Interests: Celiac disease; inflammatory bowel disease (IBD); Crohn's disease; ulcerative colitis; eosinophilic esophagitis and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD); fatty liver disease; functional gastrointestinal disorders and abdominal pain; irritable bowel syndrome (IBS); constipation; encopresis

John Andersen, M.D.
Vice Chair of Clinical Operations
Interests: Inflammatory bowel disease, cyclic vomiting syndrome, and treatment of gastrointestinal strictures/narrowing

Amal A. Aqul, M.D.
Assistant Professor
Interests: Niemann-Pick type C disease; lysosomal acid lipase deficiency (Wolman's disease); cholesterol metabolism

Sarah Barlow, M.D., M.P.H.
Interests: Pediatric gastroenterology, management of obesity and NAFLD in children and adolescents, population health approaches to child and adolescent obesity

Nandini Channabasappa, M.D.
Associate Professor
Interests: Intestinal failure and rehabilitation, and therapeutic endoscopy

Edaire Cheng, M.D.
Assistant Professor and Clinical Scholar, Pediatrics and Internal Medicine
Interests: Eotaxin-3 expression in Eosinophilic Esophagitis and GERD; tissue remodeling and fibrosis in eosinophilic esophagitis; therapeutic agents for eosinophilic esophagitis

Aakash Goyal, M.D.
Assistant Professor
Interests: Inflammatory bowel disease and its complications, liver diseases, growth and malabsorption, and feeding disorders

Bhaskar Gurram, M.D.
Assistant Professor
Interests: Gastrointestinal manifestations of immune deficiency and immune dysregulation disorders, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)

Ricardo Medina-Centeno, M.D.
Assistant Professor
Interests: Imperforate anus, anorectal malformations, esophageal, gastric, small bowel and colonic dysmotility, chronic constipation, biofeedback, bowel management program, motility testing (esophageal, antroduodenal, colonic and anorectal manometry), aerodigestive disorders, chronic abdominal pain, anorectal malformations, bowel management, neurogastroenterology, motility disorders, volvulus 

Ashish Patel, M.D.
Associate Professor
Interests: Pediatric gastroenterology, inflammatory bowel disease, Celiac disease, and nutrition

Charina M. Ramirez, M.D.
Associate Professor
Interests: Fatty liver disease, Celiac disease, and Niemann-Pick type C disease

Norberto Rodriguez-Baez, M.D.
Associate Professor
Director, Gastroenterology Fellowship
Interests: Viral hepatitis, autoimmune hepatitis, steatohepatitis, liver failure, and esophageal structures

Isabel C. Rojas Santamaria, M.D.
Assistant Professor
Interests: Pediatric gastroenterology, liver diseases

Rinarani M. Sanghavi, M.D.
Associate Professor
Director, Pediatric neuro-gastroenterology
Interests: Pediatric motility disorders and neuro-gastroenterology

Meghana N. Sathe, M.D.
Associate Professor
Interests: Pediatric gastroenterology, nutrition, and cystic fibrosis

M. Gaith S. Semrin, M.D.
Associate Professor
Interests: Pediatric gastroenterology and inflammatory bowel disease

Luis Sifuentes-Dominguez, M.D.
Interests: Identifying the genetic causes of early onset inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)

David M. Troendle, M.D.
Assistant Professor
Interests: Advanced and therapeutic endoscopy in children, pediatric ERCP and EUS, recurrent and chronic pancreatitis in children and endoscopic outcomes, technical and clinical outcomes in pediatric ERCP, post-ERCP pancreatitis and its prevention