Program Overview

Five years with thirty months each of internal medicine and psychiatry. Here's how we split it up:


Residents complete their internship during the PGY-1 year. Training consists of eight months of internal medicine and four months of psychiatry with a focus on acute management of medical and psychiatric illness. Outpatient practice skills begin to be developed in internal medicine continuity clinics.


The second-year schedule is split equally between internal medicine and psychiatry, with residents serving as upper levels on inpatient medicine services. Rotations include elective subspecialty experiences and caring for patients on our locked med-psych inpatient unit. Second-year residents also begin building their outpatient med-psych clinic panel which they will maintain throughout the remainder of their training.


As third years, residents' time is again split equally between internal medicine and psychiatry with the inclusion of elective time in both departments. During their psychiatry block, residents begin their outpatient psychotherapy training and build their psychotherapy patient practice alongside their growing continuity medicine and med-psych clinic panels.


The dedicated twelve month outpatient psychiatry rotation arrives in the fourth year. Training time is balanced equally between outpatient psychotherapy and medication management through practice experiences at diverse clinical sites. Residents can pursue a variety of longitudinal electives including integrative care model clinics, child psychiatry, family therapy, medical education and dialectal behavioral therapy.


By dedicating the majority of the final year of training to elective time, residents have ample opportunity to pursue their own scholarly and professional interests as they prepare to graduate to the next step in their careers as dual-boarded physicians.