Current Residents

PGY 1 Class of 2024

Charlotte McLean, M.D.

Dr. Charlotte McLean

Birthplace: San Jose, CA
Undergraduate Degree: BS Psychology, University of California,  Davis
Medical School: Tulane University School of Medicine
Hobbies: Driving, cooking, gardening, hiking

Danielle Morelli, M.D.

Dr. Danielle Morelli

Birthplace: Brooklyn, NY
Undergraduate Degree: BA Biology, Hunter College
Medical School: Louisiana State University, New Orleans
Hobbies: Yoga, dance, hiking, biking, camping, cooking, hosting parties


PGY 2 Class of 2023

Emily May, M.D.

Dr. Emily May

Birthplace: Kansas City, MO
Undergraduate Degree: BS Biological Basis of Behavior, University of Pennsylvania
Medical School: University of Kansas School of Medicine
Hobbies: Traveling with family, reading fantasy and mystery novels, the occasional Netflix binge, and mothering my miniature poodle, Daphne

Tung “Tom” Phan, M.D.

Dr. Tom Phan

Birthplace: Hong Kong
Undergraduate Degree: BS Neuroscience, Brandeis University
Medical School: Tufts University School of Medicine
Hobbies: Creative writing (poetry, short fiction, essay) and Improvisational comedy


PGY 3 Class of 2022

Ashlin C. Szalanski, M.D.

Dr. Ashlin Christensen-Szalanski

Birthplace: Tuscon, AZ
Undergraduate Degree: University of Pennsylvania - Finance, Management
Medical School: Tulane University School of Medicine
Hobbies: Motorcycling, yoga, refereeing roller derby

Michael Jennings, M.D.

Dr. Michael Jennings

Birthplace: Dallas, TX
Undergraduate Degree: Wake Forest Universtiy - Biology, Neuroscience
Medical School: Texas Tech - El Paso
Hobbies: Tournament Chess, fishing, writing essays, watching judo