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Medical Toxicology

Our Division of Medical Toxicology was formed to provide the best toxicology care to patients in Texas, particularly North Texas; to provide clinical toxicology education to our fellows, other physicians, and non-physician health care providers; and to expand the knowledge within toxicology through scholarly activities.

Quality patient care is our first priority. We provide the only consistent, inpatient bedside toxicology care in North Texas and the only outpatient toxicology care in the entire state. Our practice setting is vast and we offer care in various ways, including:

Our faculty and fellows provide bedside consultations to the Emergency Departments, floors, and intensive care units of Clements University Hospital, Parkland, and Children’s Medical Center Dallas 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Medical Toxicology faculty also support the NTPC on cases called to the Center and assist where physician expertise is needed.

In addition to our clinical expertise, we are fully committed to providing world-class education and training to our fellows, residents, medical students, and other health care providers. Our Medical Toxicology service generally has over 100 "rotators" during an academic year who are medical students from various medical specialties and PharmD candidates. The fellows oversee the education of the rotators with support of the faculty.

Outside our classroom and the patient care service, our faculty and fellows routinely provide education to various entities including physicians from various backgrounds and non-physicians such as those involved in addiction support, the Drug Enforcement Agency, analytical chemists and toxicologists, medical examiners, and the Texas Department of Public Safety.