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Current Residents and Fellows

As part of the comprehensive benefit and wellness programs that UT Southwestern offers its residents and fellows, our trainees have an option to obtain a ‘specialty specific’ individual disability insurance policy without any medical underwriting and with deeply discounted unisex rates.

Through these portable policies, residents and fellows are able to protect a greater percentage of income now and guarantee the right to cover additional income throughout your practice years.

These “guaranteed issue” options are available to all residents and fellows.

Highlights of this program include:

  • Up to $5,000/month tax-free benefit in your final year of training 
  • $1,500 benefit for non-graduates*
  • Additional $10,000/month of coverage that can be accessed in the future through a benefit increase rider
  • Student Loan Protection up to $2,500/month
  • “Own specialty” definition of total disability
  • COLA rider for inflation protection
  • Optional catastrophic loss benefits
  • Permanent rate discounts
  • Unisex rates (which can save female residents and fellows substantial premium)
  • NO medical underwriting

If you are interested in evaluating how this policy can better protect your income during your house staff program you can arrange to meet with a local representative of the InsMed Insurance Agency Inc., (the organization that UT Southwestern has selected to support this program).

InsMed Insurance Agency Inc
Phone: 800-214-7039

We hope you take the opportunity to evaluate how this special offering can protect your income and everything that depends on it now and in the future.

*The policy available to residents and fellows not graduating in the current year is for $1500/month of benefit.  This guarantees access to the full offer in your final year of training without any medical underwriting.